NOTE: Ads on this page are not endorsed by the blog authors. BOXER AND PARROT RESCUE OF S VT & W MA Formerly called "feathered friends castle parrot rescue" We are a small southern Vermont non profit boxer dog & Parrot rescue. Our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation, and eventual Re-homing of formerly unwanted or mistreated boxers and parrots. Our page is an excellent source of Boxer dog & Parrot adoption articles, pet care, how to, pet food recipes, and more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About us Boxer Rescue of S. VT is a small In home Rescue run by a retired vet tech and a few dedicated volunteer foster care-givers who temporarily house, provide medical care and rehabilitate, retrain, recondition these abandoned, Neglected, abused, and needy dogs & birds until adopted. We selectively take in boxers & birds when our finances and space allow that are in need of rescue and rehab. We offer them for rehoming, when they are emotionally and physically ready, to properly screened families. Adoption forms and fees available upon request. (See our article "Why FREE is not in best interest of the bird". ----------------------- Boxer rescue of southern Vermont Strives to consistently provide our birds and dogs with a stress free loving environment: Appropriate space, enrichment, diet, and medical care as well as the ability to socialize with their foster families, adults and children, other birds,(or boxers), get plenty of exercise, and free fly (or play) in a safe, supervised area, as well as receive behavior modification training and or obedience training if needed. Most importantly, respect for each animal's individual needs, characteristics, and physical and behavioral limitations come before the desires and expectations of their human caretakers and adoption applicants. ------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------- ADOPTION APPLICATION: ------------------------------------------------------------------ DOGS NEEDING RESCUE ON THE RISE DUE TO ECONOMIC DOWNTURN Due to the unprecedented amount of dogs being surrendered, abandoned and given up by people who are unable or unwilling to care for them any longer (a lot of this is due to the country's financial status). Being the Boxer Lovers that we are when we realized huge amounts of city people just letting their pets run loose in large numbers, and the city shelters were putting down beautiful healthy dogs - not because the dogs were bad- but because they were abandoned for reasons having no fault of the dogs... Well there have been several trips to the cities within a 450 round trip radius of here, and many conversations and meetings with shelters there, and now I must say- my cup runeth over !!! WITH BOXERS needing medical attention, fear and phobia reprograming, training, re-socialization and eventually new homes with approve persons!!!! Some time has gone by, and with work, taking care of the farm and all the foster rescue birds ...I have not made time to update our rescue site! Until now... Contact BOXER RESCUE OF VERMONT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are not your average rescue We are not the traditional "rescue/ humane society / warehouse for unwanted boxers or birds". We are Boxer/avian savvy - boxer/parrot loving volunteers who bring the unwanted boxers and parrots into their private homes for care while they are rehabilitated and are prepared to be socially, emotionally and physically ready for forever homes. This works well for all concerned, saves money on bldg rental & utilities as well as the dogs/birds get more exposure to family life and therefore they are prepared to live the family life and enjoy the human dog/parrot interactions in their adoptive forever homes. Pets surrendered to us live with 'foster families' while they are socialized (many are not used to handling and must be trained to accept handling and human interaction), if needed they are also treated for any health issues. All incoming animals are quarantined for a min of 45 days prior to admittance into the "main comunity" dog/bird living area in their foster homes. This is to insure biosecurity/health of all birds and dogs. _________________________ All foster homes volunteering with our rescue are closed to the public: Under no circumstances are adoption applicants permitted admittance into our Boxer or Parrot rescue foster homes & aviaries. This is for the privacy and saftey of our children and families and for the prevention of disease introduction to the animals, disturbance of any hens on eggs, or the possibility of theft or other crimes occuring. Absolutely No Exceptions. Once your boxer or other pet adoption is approved and secured You will be responsable to pick up your boxer or other pet here in southern vermont, (or wherever noted in listing) at a public place of our choosing, close to the pets current foster family. Your punctuality is mandatory for pickup appointments. Foster Families do not deliver dogs, nor do they meet anyone 1/2 way et... This is for the health & safety of all concerned. thank you ---- We have several beautiful, healthy boxers and mix breed dogs available for adoption. Please visit all our pages, look at the photos, and email us to check availability and adoption requirements. If you feel you can provide a lifetime happy home for one of our birds or dogs, please find the adoption application on our site as well. Feel free to fill it out and email it to us To reserve a particular bird email us with your completed application.
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